it’s all subjective, right?

it can come in the great milestones in life – pinnacle moments such as Graduation – or in the smallest things; moments you spend alone exploring and writing your thoughts, or when you meet up a friend you haven’t seen in a while to hear about their life, or having a cup of coffee by yourself, or trying on new dresses and feeling good for a bit.

I have another blog where it’s a place for me to just pen down my thoughts that I feel like the world wouldn’t want to know and read about; I just read the last post i’ve written and though it felt like I went through a lot of ups and downs this past month but hey, I look back at it and I can actually say that I’m happy.

God knows why my Twitter feed feels like I’ve gone through a funeral, but looking back at the photos on my Instagram (I refrain from giving people the false perception of my real life and my social media life so what you see really probably depicts what I was feeling at that moment) and the conversations I recently had with people I haven’t spoken to in a while, I really am happy.

sure there’s a lot of things I wished I could change if I could turn back time but I guess this is what it means when you can say that truly, when you look back at the trials and obstacles (even though they’re not extremely detrimental), I’m glad that it happened because everything happened for a reason and it was in God’s plan and everything that He does is good.

there’s truly so much more I want to learn, to explore, to read, to experience, to understand, to question, to love in life. I hope to be in this mindset or even better, when I look back at the month again.

cheers and loads of love x



just saw a music video by LEW that really captured some of my fears being in a relationship – how the simple things that used to make both of us smile will end up being taken for granted and slowly, what we have will become what we had.


it’s a huge fear that i have but i want to get over it – if you live in your fears, then you won’t ever step out knowing what you could’ve done/be.

and….. i had an amazing v day out, and i hope y’all spent it wonderfully too ❤

today the Lord reminded me…


we forget that life consists of small everyday experiences and it is what happiness is made of & those are the moments that count the most

why keep seeking all the fame/ attention from/in the world when what you have in front of you is already giving you all the happiness in the world, except you’re so blinded because you keep comparing, wanting more and more. be grateful & contented with what you have 🙂

starting anew.

been considering for a little while now on whether i should start writing again and after much deliberation, well, i’m back. i’m finding it really tedious to redo the blog space again and with all the workload from work & side projects, it’s probably going to take a while. the new year’s approaching in about 2 weeks and there’s plenty to ponder about as i start reflecting about the past year as well as to commit myself to new goals for 2016.

have a blessed week y’all x